Name: Lingsheng Lyu
中文名: 吕凌晟

Born in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
Now live in Austin, TX, USA

iOS developer

Hardware developer


Washington University in St. Louis  Electrical & Systems Engineering

Zhejiang University         Electronic & Info. Tech. & Instru. 



iOS developer for Flex App

Jul.2016 - NOW


Marvell Semiconductor Shanghai
Aug. 2013 

Nickname comes from Chinese colloquialism.

My last name in Chinese is Lyu.
In speaking, it sounds like the pronunciation. And Chinese people like to add a prefix to the front of the last name.
So it becomes "laolv" in Chinese. If translate it word by word, it becomes Olddonkey.

The name Donkey is not so bad when you consider it as a hardworking animal. When the goal is set, donkey won't stop until it get there.